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Nov 12, 2007

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Review and Contest

What would happen if a futon and a bean bag chair mated? Well, I discovered the answer when I received my Sumo Omni in the mail the other day. Yes, full disclosure, the Sumo was free. These are the perks of beinga blogger. But I fully intend to write an honest assessment of the product. In fact, I solicited friends and family members to weigh in to ensure an honest review. How would I describe the Sumo Omni? It’s a large (4.5 by 5.5 feet) nylon sack filled with what feels like bean bag material that can be molded into different configurations. You can lay on it flat, fold it into a futon-like position, squish it into typical beanbag chair formation, etc. See for yourself at the website. If you can get past the cheesy, soft-core pornish image of a model giving a “come hither” look while suggestively straddling the Omni on the home page, the pictures are instructive on how to use the thing.


So, what did I think of it?

It really is surprisingly comfortable. I was a bit hesitant at first, as the rip- and stain-resistant fabric didn’t initially strike me as luxurious. But once I sat on it, I was hooked. Although you can make it into a variety of shapes, we seem to like it as is, laying it flat and lounging in front of the TV. The kids treat it as a big toy, alternatively jumping on and climbing all over it. In fact, I set my toddler on it, and turned around a few minutes later to find her asleep. While I would not recommend this as a kid bed for safety reasons, this just goes to show how comfortable it is. It’s large enough for more than one person to enjoy, but can be transformed into an individual seat. It’s perfect for a family/TV room, apartment, teen bedroom, etc. In theory it would be perfect for a dorm room, but since most dorm rooms are slightly smaller than the average closet, the Omni might be too big for it. The shear size of the thing could be a drawback for those with limited space. Also, the $129 price tag may scare some away. However, after a cursory look online for similar items, I was surprised that this price is actually cheaper than comparable items. For example, I saw some “extra large” bean bag cushions advertised for more than $200.

The bottom line is that I would highly recommend the Sumo Omni, although I must warn you that it promotes extreme laziness and lack of productivity. Not necesarilya bad thingfor value investors waiting for a fat pitch.

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