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Dec 12, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni

I was raised thinking that these things were called? Pears? or? pouf ?, but no, Sumo Lounge insists that the product in the image above is a chair. In fact, apart from a chair, according to them the Omni is also a floor pillow, a carpet to fall dead, a throne for gamers, or a support for love. More than some reason they have. Indeed the Omni chair is a pear, but once you settle on one you realize that this is the Deluxe 2.0 version of anyone you've seen before.

The Canadian company sent us an Omni so we could test it and make a review about it. A 2128 cm FedEx box arrived in the mail. From inside we took out a piece of thick ballistic nylon with a texture that gave an account of its quality. When they ship within Canada and the US they ship it previously filled with the expanded polystyrene granules balls, but for international shipments they only send the cover (what really matters), and you must get the 300 liters necessary to fill the pouf. The good news is that this filling has a relatively low cost (US $ 20) and is easy to obtain.

You must do the filling yourself, and if you have friends with good humor it can become a very funny experience. Here at FayerWayer HQ we need 3 people to fill it out, 2 who affirmed the Omni and a third party that emptied the content and took time taking pictures of the process. Sounds easier than it really is. We recommend you to have a vacuum cleaner nearby, since polystyrene balls will fly everywhere, even entering your respiratory, auditory and adhering to your clothes and hair. But as we say, if your friends have a good mood, the experience will be very funny. The closing mechanism ensures that those balls, once they are inside, stay inside. It consists first of a closure that seals the opening,

The best part is to finally try it once it is full. It works perfectly as a giant cushion on which you can freely drop the dead weight of your entire body. You quickly feel the air escaping from inside the pouf, and the chair adapting to your body. Once you understand that principle, you realize that you can leave the pear in the position you want, and it stays precisely there. It is perfect for a 15-minute nap just after lunch, or to sit and watch TV or play with your console, to use it as a traditional chair, or for some other use as a couple that at this time I can not imagine (but that It is probably useful to mention that your gender is stain proof.)

The incredibly funny photos we had taken disappeared in the digital ter when my clumsy fingers pressed the? Format MemoryStick? without realizing the damage they were causing. Awkward, awkward, Leo. So here are some of the official photos with a much more interesting model than Toms:

The Omni chair has a value of US $ 149, but because it is Christmas, they have a special promotion at US $ 129, it is available in 7 different colors, and has an estimated delivery time of 7 to 10 days with free shipping within North America (for if you have a box in that subcontinent), so you can still make your girlfriend happy? or yourself

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