Jan 13, 2009

Ann Tancio

Sumo Omni Beanbag Lounges


Have you ever come home after a hard day and want to crash? The Sumo Omni is a giant beanbag/pillow/multichangeable wonderchair. Talk about flexible furniture….for any activity or mood.

Sumo Urban Lounge Gear have combined the versatility of the Omni chair (many possible positions) with the filling of the SumoSac which never decompresses or goes flat & then wrapped it in a nice microsuede cover.

The Sumo Omni can be used a a number of ways to suit how you feel and what position you would like to relax in.

It’s the most flexible relaxing piece of furniture in the house – a beanbag, body pillow, lounge chair, a couples snuggle chair or pile up the kids chair… the uses are endless.

It’s made of super strong ber-wonder fabric so it stays cool and dry and easy to wipe down should you doze off and make a mess…

So if you are in the market for ultra-flexible furniture that can change with your mood you will love Sumo Omni.


The perfect chillout lounge for watching a movie, reading a book or chatting online with your laptop (or working if you must). A fun lounge to share with friends, snuggle in or crash out after a heavy night. You won’t want to part with this ultra-flexible lounge beanbag. Who needs traditional furniture.

Kids love it, it’s entertainment central.

Pets will want to own it.

Great by the pool for lazy summer days.

Available in a range of sizes & colours to suit any area; Black, Charcoal, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, White, Green and shades inbetween.

Prices start at $169.

Your Sumo Omni includes free shipping and usually takes around 3 days to deliver.

Use your imagination, how many positions can you make?

Your best investment this year is a Sumo Omi, for all occassions.


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