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Dec 15, 2010

Ann Tancio

Geek Gift Countdown: The Sumo Sway Makes Pants Optional


There was a time — over a year ago, at this point — when I reviewed a product called the Sumosac Sultan. And for once, it was nice to know that we fatties were being looked after. The folks at Sumo had created a bean bag chair like no other, a bean bag chair that defied the laws of comfort and truly put a big guy like me at ease while watching countless films in the comfort of my living room, also known as the “pants-free zone.” This year they’ve come back to us with something different, a new product called the Sumo Sway. And as seasons change, so do lives. And as chubby dudes like yours truly move along their life-paths, sometimes it means changing dwellings. So what happens when you need all the comfort of a wicked bean bag chair, but you don’t have all the room in the world? Today’s Geek Gift Countdown entry may just be the answer…

The Sumo Sway Couple

In the world of alternative furniture (bean bags, futons and the like) there has long been a stigma of a lack of elegance. What sort of style-conscious lady would allow her husband or gentleman companion to bring his bachelor-days bean bag into their conjoined lifestyle. It just doesn’t happen. So Sumo has designed a new chair that is not only designed for two, it’s also rather elegant. You can get them in the very comfy, ultra-durable microsuede or the fancy corduroy and you’ve got your choice of a number of colors. And like every Sumo product I’ve tried thus far (yes, I’ve become a regular customer — can’t wait to try their intimacy furniture… ladies), it’s very comfortable. Like fall asleep while watching a Metallica documentary cranked to 11, comfortable. Or perhaps even if-you’re-wearing-pants-you’re-doing-it-wrong comfortable. You get the idea.

But here’s the kicker, beyond the fact that it’s comfortable and like all of my past Sumosac adventures, ultra-durable, it’s designed to be more like an actual chair. It has a seam that runs horizontally along the middle of the chair, creating an upright back so that you aren’t just flopping down onto it and hoping that you can bend your neck up to see your current Call of Duty level. I’ve been told that sitting upright is good for me. I’m not completely sold on that concept, but having a comfy bean bag in my house that keeps me upright is certainly a start. It’s comfy, functional, durable and it has the elegance of actual furniture. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t have one of these (and/or gift one of these to the addictive movie-watcher on your list).

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