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Sep 30, 2009

Ann Tancio

Beatles Rock Band



The Beatles Rock Band is now available for the Xbox 360 and Labor Day weekend we got the chance to review it early, thanks to the fine people at Reverb Games. So we started to research the Beatles and get information on their history and learn all about them to make an in-depth article that would make Rolling Stone blush with amateurish envy.

Then I thought about it and realized that was a lot of work, so I’d just throw one hell of a weekend long Beatles Rock Band party for my friends and review the game while drinking and hanging out. So I setup the apartment, cleared out a huge space for rocking and put down the new Omni bean bag chairsfrom Sumo Lounge in the gaming area and a giant plastic tub filled with ice and drinks as well.

It was pretty exciting, sitting in the empty room waiting for people to show up. I wondered what my friends would think! I bet they would all be jealous, just aching for one of their own. The first guests arrived and the first thing they noticed, of course, was the Omni bean bag chairs from Sumo Lounge, the fiery red bag lazily occupying the impromptu Beatles Rock Band stage that is now my front room. While the intro was looping some Beatles songs and some sort of animated cartoon with the Fab Four played we invited our guests to sit in the Omni Bean Bag Chair from Sumo Lounge. Soon a few more guests showed up and we started handing out drinks, while they fought over who would sit in the Omni Bean Bag Chair from Sumo Lounge.

Now I know what you are thinking at this point, “How could we risk damage to our urban lounge gear with all those drinks flying around?” Well worry not, because the Omni bean bag chairs from Sumo Lounge is made of space age, rip proof nylon, that stays new looking and is easy to clean. It repels stains and wipes up clean, no combination of alcohol could cause it damage and the strongest of 6 layer bean dip posed no problem for this super sized bean bag chair.


As the night went on, we found our guest discovering over 10 different positions for our bean bag furniture. The possibilities are nearly endless, thanks to the 4.5’ X 5.5’ design packed with top quality sumo beads that allow you to pose, sit and relax in any way possible. The bag worked well with ladies, couples, groups, the small and the large alike. Everyone found something to love with this amazing product. The bag only weighs 18 pounds, but yet it out performed all our other furniture that night. It didn’t work too well with the drum kit in Beatles Rock Band, but we are hoping EA addresses this soon. The rest of the instruments worked great, from guitars to the new 3 singer harmony option exclusive to Rock Band.


At one point we even got all three harmony singers onto the Omni Bean Bag Chair from Sumo Lounge, for a total of 6 players on Beatles Rock Band! This chair is amazing, and a must have for anyone thinking about playing Beatles Rock Band or just for people who enjoy sitting, laying or resting. The company, Sumo Lounge ( makes a wide range of bean bag products, offers free shipping, lower prices then competitors and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Beatles Rock Band offers 45 songs from the Beatles 10 year career, new game modes and one of the slickest interfaces I’ve ever seen. While it can’t match the pure style of the Omni bean bag chairs from Sumo Lounge, Harmonix and EA have worked closely with Apple Corps to produce an amazing product that chronicles the history of the Beatles and celebrates their music to old and new fans alike. While everyone might not like the Beatles, this collection paves the way for all future Rock Band titles and sets the bar even higher.

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