Four Weeks

Sep 1, 2006

Ann Tancio



Goods: Become a beanie baby

Vegging-out is so underrated. It gives you time to come up with solutions to pressing problems, rejuvenate from a long, hard week and polish off the Chunky Monkey without interruption.

So if quality down-time is clearly important, why would you want to spend it on a lumpy, bumpy couch? Or worse-a kitchen or home office chair?

What you need is the Sumo Beanbag chair, an adult version of the dorm beanbag that was practically your second home in junior year. Larger than the typical bean bag-measuring a body-hugging 4.5 feet by 5.5 feet-what sets this pliable furniture apart from its smaller predecessor is its versatility.

Want to sit up, lay down, slouch, hunch, bunch or flop? The Sumo Beanbag can be easily repositioned to accommodate all those moves and more. That’s because, despite its large size, it’s surprisingly lightweight-just 18 pounds. Plus, this beanbag is filled with a higher quality bean ball-made of polystyrene foam-which bends to new shapes and keeps those shapes far better than the old vinyl-covered blob.

Made of rip-resistant PVC-coated nylon, you don’t have to worry that Mr. Whiskers will be decorating your apartment in little white balls when you come home. And because this fabric is stain-proof, it makes cleaning up dripped ice cream a breeze.

For a little extra vegging comfort, get the matching Otto footrest, which is about 20 inches in diameter and filled with the same high-quality beads.

Both the Omni and Otto come in a variety of bold colors, including fiery red, tangerine and hot pink, as well as more muted tones, such as black, charcoal green, platinum and white.

Treat yourself: Omni, $149; Otto $75 (free shipping included),, (866) 340-SUMO

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