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Jul 22, 2008

Ann Tancio


SumoSac Review

The SumoSac is HUGE!!!!! As the site says, it’s 3 feet high and 6 feet wide. It’s so big that my son wanted to sleep in it one night when we moved to the basement to escape thunderstorms, so we let him and he loved it (and had plenty of room). He’s about five feet, two inches tall.

Anyway, they sent me this monstrosity last month. It took me and my son about half an hour to open it and massage the foam into small bits (then a bit more massaging the next day to top that off.) Once we got it ready, my kids were all over it — watching TV, reading, playing video games, and the like. My wife even got on it once, though I thought we were never going to get her off it. Then she tried to get off it herself and almost couldn’t make it. 😉

Anyway, we had to move it to our basement ultimately (where the kids have a playroom) because it is so huge that it was taking up a good portion of our living room (look at the pictures of it — how it swallows the woman sitting on it — and this is with it pushed up in the back, it’s very wide when it’s flat.) But then I found out that they have smaller models — a five-foot version and a four-foot version — so it doesn’t HAVE to be as huge as the one I got.

I don’t think I would pay $229 for one of these, but then again I’ve been known to be a bit “frugal.” I’m not sure what a foam “bean” bag even goes for. Maybe it’s a good price? I do know that one lucky reader here will be getting a GREAT price (free!) on one. But more on that in a minute.

I asked the Sumo people if they had any reviews of the product from others and here’s what they sent me (many have pictures if you’re interested in seeing different views of how big it is):

Ms Xbox World
Evil Avatar
Double Viking
Dueling Analogs
Louisville Mojo

So here’s my take: if you’re a hard core gamer and want a comfy chair you can sit in for hours, this might be worth it to you. Or, if you have a huge gathering area for kids, teens, etc. in your home, this would be perfect as well. If you don’t have the room, the cash, and the need, then it’s not something you’ll be interested in (though it is very nice for a relaxing day of TV watching.)

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