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Dec 17, 2007

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni: My Son’s Dream Come True

To me, it’s a huge, upper end bean bag chair. It’s made with rip-proof nylon, so no need to worry about breaking, and it comes in 10 different colors. Best of all, you can make it into almost any shape, so you can sit on it, recline on it, sit on it — you name it.

I’d say that it works best in either a rec room or an entertainment room. We have it in our living room, which is a place that won’t work for many people. But since our living room is such a hodge podge of furniture anyway, it’s fine there. It would work in the living room of a younger person — either single or couple — that’s designed in a bit trendier fashion.

Why has it been such a hit with us? Three words: kids…video…games. My son loves to use the Sumo Omni to relax and play his video games (I still have to use the chair.) We had thought about getting him one of those video game chairs for Christmas, but he likes the Sumo Omni better (we asked him — he’s used the other chairs at friends’ houses.) It’s also a hit with my daughter, but she doesn’t get to use it nearly as much since my son is on it all the time.

The only “issue” with the item is the cost — it’s $129. I think you can look at this two ways. First, you can say “wow, that’s a lot for a bean bag chair — even an upper end one.” Or you could compare it to other furniture you might buy in its place — a video game chair, lounge chair, etc. The Sumo people have a “competitor’s price” on their site of $229. I’m not sure how realistic that price is, but if it’s even close, then $129 is a bargain.

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