May 24, 2010

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounger: the Playful Way to Relax

As Michael was heavily making adjustments in the apartment he is about to move in, he received a cool home welcoming present from Sumo. We joined troops and went to take pictures of the huge been bag and also check out exactly how comfortable it is.First off, the item looks quite interesting and adds a bit of playfulness to the room. We were all very pleased with the chair’s level of comfort and the real challenge was getting out of it. We made a little research and found out that beneath the black cover- which also contributes to the overall coziness- lies a vacuum packed bag of “quality Furniture foam”. This makes it possible for he chair to adapt to the user’s shape and then get back to normal when it is not used.


Due to its size and shape, one could find many ways of sitting on it and feel relaxed. Sumo has 9 official designs out on the market and who knows how many more on the way. The colors vary from one product to another and some models have up to 10 possible color choices available. As we already stated, comfort comes in many ways with the bean bag chair and having a rest on it is a matter of creativity. Its maintenance is a piece of cake, as the cover is easily washable. There is also a model available for children- it is actually the one below- which is meant to lift up their spirits and encourage them to play more. Check out more amazing models on the official site.

freshome-10-3 freshome-10-4 freshome-10-5

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