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Aug 17, 2006

Ann Tancio


Frugal Maven Gives Thumbs Up to Sumo Omni

As an expert on sharing buck-worthy products, I am happy to review the Sumo Omni. Being a frugal maven, my initial reaction was to scoff at the pricetag. That was BEFORE the box arrived on my doorstep.

For starters, The Sumo Omni is larger than I expected. It’s 4.5’x5.5′. It arrived and my older children (ages 6 and 3) watched as I opened the box. I barely got it onto the floor and they were both sitting and bouncing on it. The first words out of their mouths after “WOW!” were “I can use this for playing ps2.” and “Can I have it to watch tv?” My son also asked if it was a beanbag. That in itself indicates that it’s more than a beanbag because no one exclaimed “A Beanbag!”. Calling it a beanbag or pillow is an understatement. This is a piece furniture.

Once I encouraged them to go and play, so I could get a closer look at it, I was impressed by the construction of the Omni. It’s made of ballistic nylon and high quality stitching. It passed my “mommy checklist”. It’s safe, durable, and stain resistant. If it gets dirty, simply use a damp cloth. Plus, it’s large enough to share, but you’ll love it so much that you won’t want to. It is said to be 18 lbs., but I didn’t find it cumbersome to move.

The Omni is compelling. I HAD to sit in it. It’s incredibly comfortable. It has just the right amount of fill too because I didn’t sink or feel like I was shifting. It molded my body, but not so much to make it difficult to get out of it. If for some reason you think it needs less or more fill, you can remove some or purchase extra fill. You can shape it to fit your current comfort level too.

I barely had an opportunity to test it out before my husband came home from work for lunch. He liked it so much that he took it to the office.

As you can see this is a chair that appeals to all ages. I have an infant that can enjoy tummy time on it. I can see college students using it in dorms. Pregnant women experiencing back pain, would love it. Children and adults can use it for naptime, reading, game playing, and tv watching. It makes wonderful extra seating, but can be used as primary seating too. It’s more of a lounge than a beanbag.

I have the Black Omni, but it comes in various colors which will complement any decor. (Charcoal Green, Fiery Red, Tangerine, Pure White, and Hot Pink)

The Omni isn’t like a beanbag or oversized pillow that you would reserve for just bedroom decor. It’s nice enough to be in any room. You’ll want to show it off.

Now if I can just get my husband to bring it back home from the office.

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