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Dec 22, 2007

Ann Tancio


News – Review: Sumo Omni bean bag chair

It’s been a while since we reviewed anything on GAF that is not a game. We did some peripheral reviews, some guide reviews, and once upon a time even reviewed some game soundtracks. One could say the only things we haven’t reviewed are your entertainment center and what you sit on. So when Sumo Lounge contacted us in hopes of getting a review of one of their products, I didn’t find it too out of the ordinary. And with GAF’s refocus to bring you more editorial content, it seems only natural for us to accept the offer.


The product Sumo has provided us is the Sumo Omni. As the friends I’ve sampled it for tend to say first, “It’s a bean bag chair.” This is true. But to make it more versatile, Sumo gave it a square design. Besides giving it a unique shape when it’s lying flat, it also allows you to make it into a different types of seats. Laying it flat lets you use it like a regular bean bag. You can also set it up to be more like a normal seat with a little back support. You can sit so that the corner stick up in front and behind you. It’s up to your imagination (or copying the poses on the Sumo site). I tried the regular seated position and it was comfortable for a while. But I ended up reverting to my favorite bean bag position, the lie down for the next few hours.


Besides the versatility, Omni’s strongest feature is its strength. Made with ballistic nylon, this thing is super tough. Of course, I didn’t trust Sumo’s word (sorry guys), so I did my own non-scientific testing of somewhat normal conditions. First off for me is the cat test. My cat is not declawed and I had been lazy in trimming her claws when the Omni arrived. Not only did her claws not puncture the Omni, they didn’t leave a mark. Step 2 is the me test. I’m not a huge guy, but let’s just say I weigh too damn much. I jumped on the bag simulating what a drunken party might be like and it took my girth masterfully.


Of course, that strength may have something to do with its only negative. I’m no bean bag scientist expert guy, but I’ve been on bean bag chairs that were a bit more cushy than the Omni. Still, the Omni is plenty comfortable. It’s a bean bag chair, not a cozy recliner.

As I see it, the Omni is best suited for two situations. The first is a game room or den where there’s lots of room for moving stuff around. But what I think it’s most ideal for is a college dorm or house. It’s versatility makes it a good choice for that environment and then you can pick whichever of the ten very bright colors without having to get your parents to approve. Plus, it’ll be a lot easier to transport than a normal piece of furniture. Gamers looking for a unique and versatile piece of furniture for their gaming area won’t be disappointed by the Omni. The Omni is regularly priced at $149, but for a limited time is $129 with free shipping.

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