Sep 3, 2019

Ann Tancio


One of the greatest inventions was the bean bag.

But the guys at Sumo actually have been able to improve upon the best invention ever and have come out with a crazy beanbag on steriods I guess would be the best way to put it.

I’m sure you’ve seen the sumo omni’s around (especially if you’ve ever been to PAX and been in the wireless lounge – they have a herd of omni’s in there, yes, a herd). My favorite though has to be the sumo sacs. They’re huge, comfy, don’t flatten, and are perfect for curling up in to take a nap after lunch (don’t tell Ryan). My dog Oliver also LOVES the huge sacs and tries to claim them as his every chance he gets. (7lb chihuahua in a huge sac – he doesn’t even make a dent)

The guys at Sumo are amazing and have hooked up the office with a ton of beanbags and sacs for future shows as well as providing the seating for our E3 lounge where our community members were able to relax and watch us do our live coverage. We’re very greatful to Sumo for hooking us up – now if we could just get other divisions to stop trying to steal our beanbags……….

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