Gaming Is More Popular Than Ever: How To Bring Out The Best In Your Unique Gaming Room

Sep 20, 2018

Brad Ellis


Gaming is a hobby that’s held near and dear in the hearts of millions. It’s so beloved, in fact, you can completely shake up the design of your house to better appreciate it.

Not unlike a room devoted to long movie nights or an attic filled with pool tables and a mini-bar, the gaming room is a place that needs to be high-tech and comfortable. You need to have plenty of space to fit your television, consoles, and furniture while still encouraging a laid-back attitude to get the most out of your late-night MMO session. What’s a good way to achieve this while still creating a classy look? There are a few fun ideas you can try out as you renovate and tweak your way into gaming greatness.

Check out the tips below on finding the best bean bag chair and incorporating throwback styles in your game room.

The Videogame Market Is Doing Great

You’re far from the only one asking how a bean bag chair or new desk could switch out your gaming set-up. The game industry is doing fantastically lately. A recent study revealed the value of the 2017 video game market in the United States to be close to $20 billion. Whether you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan or someone that devotes a few hours a week to intensive MMO sessions, there are plenty of ways to reflect your unique tastes with your interior furnishings. In fact, speaking of successful industries…

You Have A Lot To Choose From With Interior Design

Interior design doesn’t have to be as big as replacing your carpet or changing the color of your walls. It can mean adding a cute rug by the door or a cute bean bag chair. The interior design industry generates over $10 billion in revenue every year in dozens of different specialties. By the time 2019 arrives the global market for furniture and floor coverings is forecast to reach a staggering $700 billion. The United States, in particular, enjoys a steady $100 billion every year in furniture, floor furnishings, and accessories. How can you whittle down your search?

Nostalgic Looks Are Always In Style

There’s a reason why shows set in the 80’s and franchise reboots resonate with so many people. Nostalgia is a popular niche that sees itself recreated just about everywhere, including your home furnishings. If you’re one of the 155 million Americans that play video games on a regular basis you might be craving some of that retro vibe yourself. A corduroy bean bag chair is a prime way to achieve this, hearkening to television classics and able to be paired with bead curtains, light strings, and lava lamps. Buy two or three for those midnight release sessions.

Games Are Only Getting More Popular From Here

Gaming culture getting more popular spells great news for both the game industry and the interior furnishings industry. Multiple studies have been conducted recently to figure out what to expect from this art form going forward. The average age of the American gamer is 35 years old, with four out of five American households owning at least one game console. Another 50% of gamers love to play social games, whether it’s on their phone or their MMO of choice. When you want to represent your own niche in your game room, turning your gaming skill into creativity isn’t a very big leap.

Fun Basics For Your Gaming Room

It’s time to find a happy balance. Your game room should be accommodating to all the equipment you need to enjoy an uninterrupted, but it should also be cozy enough for you to snooze and chat. Keep your desk and television in the corner so you can organize all your wires, as nothing is more frustrating than needing to install something and having to spend an hour untangling. A big bean bag chair or sofa can offer your friend somewhere to lounge. Remember to have fun and embrace your favorites with posters, figures or geeky furniture, too.

Gaming brings something different for everyone. Which throw rug or bean bag lounge chair will show off your unique taste?

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