Jun 21, 2009

Ann Tancio


Review: SumoLounge GamerSac Chair


I know it’s dating myself to say this, but I was actually around to experience beanbag chairs when they were in vogue. Years later, in my twenties, I tried them out again and always found them terribly uncomfortable. Those little styro-foam pellets just didn’t do the trick and after a lot of use they always flattened out rendering the chair useless. And heaven help you if the thing broke and released the static clingy pellets all over the place (remember Muriel’s Wedding?).

Now in my forties, I relish the time on my couch playing games but wish I had something a bit more comfy. My couch is fine but not something you can really relax on. My wish for a comfortable game chair has finally come true now that I have gotten a hold of a SumoLounge chair. I had seen them around PAX, where tired gamers were resting over them and they looked quite cushy, but I never had a chance to sit on one myself until now.

I got a SumoSac Gamer and I absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, I am writing this review from it right now! The SumoLounge is a great take on classic bean bag chairs and they have improved on all of the things that made the old ones awkward and unusable. The styro-foam pellets have been replaced with large pieces of high quality foam rubber. Not only is it comfortable, but it doesn’t go flat! The bag itself is made of a rip proof nylon which is quite comfortable on it’s own but can be made softer by a removable micro-sued cover which can be ordered in several different colors.

The SumoLounge website features a wide variety of different SumoSacs in all different sizes and colors to suit your needs. They even have a couple styles for pets! The prices range from $149 to $399 depending on the size and all of them include free shipping. The GamerSac was $199 and it’s worth every penny.

If you are looking for a truly heavenly experience in a chair, definitely consider one of the many styles of SumoLounge chairs. I can promise you absolutely that you won’t be disappointed. The only problem you’ll have will be the inability to force yourself to get up again.

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