Geek Reviews The Omni Bean Bag Again

Jul 18, 2009

Ann Tancio


When I was in college I always enjoyed sitting on bean bags. Unfortunately, a bean bag is one of those things that you just grow out of. At least that’s what I thought before I discovered the Sumo bean bag chairs from Sumo Lounge.

Sumo Lounge offers a variety of bean bags to choose from, ranging from the Omni, which can comfortably hold one person, to the Gigantor, which can hold an entire family. The bean bags themselves are made of a rip-proof ballistic nylon (PVC coated nylon) and are filled with top quality sumo beads (virgin polystyrene foam).

For my test I had the pleasure of playing around with the Omni. You’ve probably seen the Omni advertised in a number of tech magazines in the past. It’s usually highlighted with the picture to the right, and the most common question people ask is if the girl comes with it. My test unit came sans girl, but it still didn’t disappoint.

The Omni comes in 10 colors and can be morphed into a number of interesting positions. What I enjoyed most was throwing it up in the air and then seeing which position it landed in. That’s actually how I discovered the best position for working with a laptop. You can also make it flat and use it as a bed or lounging area, or just about any other position you can think of. The ability to position it however you want is actually its best selling feature, in my opinion.

While I did find myself enjoying sitting in the Omni and seeing what other positions I could come up with, the only drawback to the Omni for me was that I actually found it to be too big. It measures 4.5 x 5.5 feet and as you can see from the video below, there’s enough room for two on it. For me, though, I had a hard time finding a permanent home for it in my office and had to relocate it.


If you’re looking for a comfortable fun bean bag, look no further than Sumo Lounge’s Sumo bean bags. The unit I tested, the Omni, sells for $149, and at that price it’s definitely worth considering for your home or office.

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