Geek Sumo Omni Review

Dec 1, 2005

Ann Tancio

Sumo Lounge Omni chair

I received an e-mail from Sumo Lounge asking us to review the Omni bean bag. At first I wondered how this could relate to, then I realized that I spend most of my free down time working on my Tablet PC sitting in a recliner or on the couch and neither is very ergonomic.

A Tangerine Omni chair arrived in a large cardboard box, and I pulled out the 18-pound, 4.5′ x 5.5′ chair to see what it could do. The nylon material is extremely durable and quite thick. I have spent the last three or four weeks popping my 73-inch, 240 lb. body into it without any worries of it breaking or giving way.

The chair isn’t something that will give you that warm, cuddly feeling, but after some quick manipulation of the beads inside the chair you will find it to be very comfortable. It is actually the most comfortable piece of furniture currently in my house, and it provides me with the best neck support I have ever experienced in a chair.


At first the Omni chair seems a bit cumbersome to handle, and it is quite large to move around in your living space. You eventually get the hang of how to move it around to work for you, though, and it is then a breeze. I sit in the reclining mode 90% of the time since it allows me to play the Xbox for hours on end or rest my Tablet PC on the front part while having my neck and head fully supported.

The beads are accessible from a velcro- and zipper-enclosure, and inside you will find the Sumo beads, which are tiny polystyrene foam balls. Watch out, because these little suckers will stick to your hand or arm with static electricity and may be tough to keep from getting all over the place. The beads are not enclosed in any type of interior enclosure, so you can’t take the beads out to wash the outside of the chair. However, the outside material is a durable nylon that cleans up easily with a cloth and soapy water.


If you are looking for a functional, durable, cool piece of furniture then you may want to try the Sumo Lounge Omni chair. Sumo Lounge also has an easy money-back guaranteee that states you can get a full refund within one week of using the chair. I think the company gets very few returns from those who really try out the chair, though.

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