Jun 2, 2008

Ann Tancio


Omni Chair: Super Comfy, Super To Do It On


The Omni Chair is the lovechild of a pillow who was in love with a beanbag chair but whose families were quarreling (think Romeo and Juliet, but way comfier to sit on). Well one fateful night the pillow threw itself off the bed and snuck out to have relations with the beanbag chair in my parent’s basement. Two months later *BLAM* the Omni chair.

This super-sized pillow by Sumo is the ultimate solution for all your relaxing needs. We’ve come up with 10 ways to use it, but some people say we lack imagination!

It’s a crash mat, lounge chair, loveseat or floor pillow to name a few, but the possibilities really do go on.

Sumo Beanbags are made from space age rip-proof nylon and come filled with top quality Sumo Beads. Omni is 4.5′ x 5.5′ and it only weighs 18 lbs!

I seriously do own one of these and it’s comfy as hell. Typically I hit it face first when I come home from the bars (upper left position in picture), but I also use it as a gaming chair when I’m sober* (upper right). The formable $129 (with free shipping) unit really is a Transformer of furniture. It’s a chair, bed, recliner, and make-out station. You see that lower left position? Out of this world. My last few girlfriends have really loved that one, as it doesn’t put any strain on their brittle bones and hip replacements when we’re getting frisky. And before you ask, yes, I stole an AARP mailing list.

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