Feb 21, 2014

Ann Tancio

We Tested the Sumo Lounge “Gamer” and “Sway 2.0″ Bean Bag Chairs, and We Are Very Comfortable

Sometimes naps are part of product reviews.

A few weeks ago Sumo Lounge sent us their “Gamer” (pictured left) and “Sway 2.0″ (right) bean bag chairs, and our office is all the more comfortable for it. In a world where standing desks are becoming more popular, we’re prepared to go completely in the other direction.

I want to start by saying that until I sat down (in the Sway 2.0) to write this review, I had these bean bags confused. I thought the Sway 2.0 was the Gamer, and the Gamer was the Sway. It seems like a small mistake on my part, but really I think it’s a much larger mistake on the part of Sumo. I’d much rather play video games seated in the firm, supportive Sway 2.0 chair than the actual Gamer chair.

That’s not to say the Gamer isn’t comfortable. It is. It’s large, it’s soft, and Sumo says it will never go flat. We’ve only had it in the office for about two weeks, so we’ll have to take their word for it. You can very easily sit on the Gamer and relax, maybe even take a nap. It is the most comfortable bean bag chair I’ve ever sat on, but the Sway is something different. It’s more supportive and structured. It feels more like an actual chair. So much so that I prefer it to my actual office chair, and am now considering buying one for my house.

The Gamer is billed on the Sumo Lounge site as “The Best Video Game Chair Ever!” but if I’m sitting down to marathon run some Dr. Mario, kill some bandits in Skyrim, or melt my own brain trying to single-player Ibb and Obb, then I’d rather be doing it in the Sway 2.0.

The only real shortcoming of the Sway is that at six feet tall, I feel a little too big for it. It’s still comfortable to sit on and write or play games, but if I lean back in it the headrest comes nowhere near my head. If I want to recline and take a nap, I’ll jump on the Gamer. They’re both very comfortable and great in their own way, but I do think they’re misnamed.

You can check out the full line of Sumo Lounge bean bag chairs, including their more gigantic offerings, on their website.

(via Sumo Lounge, image my own)

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