GoNintendo Writes About The Arrival of the Sumo Sultan

May 6, 2009

Ann Tancio


The Sumo Sac has arrived!

Our friends at Sumo truly rock. Back in 2006, the supplied us with the Sumo Omni, a giant bean-bag body pillow, bed, chair.whatever you wanted it to be! We posted a review of it, and still use it to this day. It was actually Buddy the Podcast Dog’s favorite place to sleep!

Fast-forward to today, when I get to see the Fed-Ex man breaking his back to bring in another gift from Sumo. It’s time to move on from the Omni. Welcome.the Sumo Sac!


That picture can be a bit deceptive. The Sumo Sac is actually 3 times bigger than the Sumo Omni! That’s why the Fed-Ex man had just a bit of trouble getting it up to the warehouse. We managed to wrangle it into the house, open it up, spread it out.and now it needs time to settle. We are going to let things smooth out for the next day, and then we’ll slide the cover onto this bad-boy. Even though the rules were clearly spoken, a certain someone couldn’t wait to try out the Sac. He may not be as eye-catching as the model above, but he’ll do.


The GoNintendo crew is going to put some time in with the Sumo Sac, and then we’ll have a full review. Expect that to pop up sometime within a week or two. For now, you can read up about the Sumo Sac and other products at the official website. Huge thanks to our friends at Sumo for the Sac!

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