Aug 5, 2009

Ann Tancio


Sumo Sac Giantor

A few days ago, the people of Sumo Urban Gear Loung sent me one of their star the products Sumo Sac Giantor , that we try and give my opinion about it, here in Greenshines.

The Sumo Sac Giantor is a huge chair that fits you, one sofa bed, a place to lie down to play, watch TV or wallow with your girlfriend. It is the evolution of bean bag lifetime, a huge bean bags but manufactured with an incredible quality.

I made the mistake of asking in black, for what if it was black could put it wherever I wanted but out of tune a lot, not because estimated how giant would be the giantor not want to ask for a color too flashy, but the black color Microfiber which is manufactured attract any dust that may have around and think I have to advise that it will buy you choose any of the available colors and do not choose the black.

Otherwise the Sumo Sac Giantor to replaced every chair in my house. I advised buying many things in Greenshines and never advise someone not like something to me personally, that chair or name it is one of my treasures.

I was asked to receive a photograph of Sumo Sac Giantor but the Internet is already full of them and it seemed more appropriate to ask a friend Greenshines that some photographs for the occasion do.Photographs are not professional, nor is it what we want, they have been taken with a camera itself and the self timer, which is as always do better and how we like things around here.

Maybe I sound the girl with the photographs, some time ago and recorded a video for the web that I think it is fair to resurrect the glory of our great nation Greenshines.

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