Aug 29, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge Omni

A Sumo wrestler enters the ring, striving to be the best beanbag in its class. Will it emerge victorious? When it comes to furniture, nobody wants to be a beanbag. Bean bag chairs are grungy, lumpy, and uncomfortable. Most importantly, they’re passe. Nobody wants to buy a beanbag. So what, pray tell, is a “Sumo Omni” then? While I did find the phrase “bean bag” hidden one or two times among the web site for this $129 “super-sized pillow”, the Sumo Lounge Omni tries to differentiate itself from its retro brethren with the promise of quality. The Omni features “Sumo Beads” (high-quality polystyrene foam) enclosed in rip-proof space-age nylon.

One nice thing about the Sumo Lounge is that it is easily formable. You can manipulate the formless bag into the ultimate seat, and it will stay that way. True to the company’s claims, the “Sumo Beads” are fantastic at conforming to your body shape. Another great benefit of the Sumo Lounge is how easy it is to clean. After a while mine gathered some dirt, but after wiping it down with a little soap and water it looked good as new. The Omni I received was black, but there are seven other colors available, ranging from white to hot pink to platinum. The Omni measures 4.5’x5′ and weighs 18 pounds.

The Sumo Lounge Omni is a piece of furniture that is right for some. If you just want something to crash in for sleeping, reading, gaming, or anything like that, the Omni is perfect; for example, my Omni is now the only place in my house where I’ll play my DS Lite.

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