Hacking Netflix

Dec 19, 2007

Ann Tancio


Review: Sumo Omni Beanbag Chair


know a big, red $130 beanbag chair is not the typical beat I cover here at HackingNetflix, but I spend a lot of time watching movies, so I figured it was okay to review something that could be used to watch DVDs.

When the huge box arrived, my wife was aghast that I was going to bring this huge, red chair into our already crowded family room, but she quickly changed her mind after trying it. The Sumo Onmi is 4.5′ by 5.5′ and is made of a thick, seemingly rip-proof nylon. To test the strength of the bag, I had my children jumped on it repeatedly, even running across the room and leaping onto it. The beanbag withstood the punishment without a single tear or loose thread.

The Sumo is seriously over-engineered. The nylon is much thicker than it needs to be, the stitching is high-quality, and they claim that it’s stain-proof (we haven’t had to test that yet). Here’s a close-up of the stitching.


My kids (5 & 7) both fit on the chair, and enjoy watching TV or a movie on the Sumo (I can sit comfortably on it and I’m 6’4″). There are two main positions that we liked, lying down and turning it into a chair.


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