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Jul 12, 2008

Ann Tancio


The Cadillac of Bean Bag Chairs.

I had a chance to get my hands (or bottom) on a Sumo Omni custom bean bag chair. With eager anticipation for a great chair for gaming (or lounging) I opened the 18 lbs box and pulled out my black Sumo Omni-a square shaped multi-purpose lounger that is conformable to many different relaxing positions. My previous experience with bean bag chairs has been rather “blah” as most chairs tend to be uncomfortable and lose their shape after a period of time. Not the case with the Omni. My first product test was of course my children. Anything that comes in a box they seem to want a part of and naturally they took to the Omni like flies on honey.

For children the chair can act as a punching bag, a “bad guy” that they must jump on and beat up or a landing platform for their off the couch skydiving antics. No matter how much wear they put on the chair it appears to be rather invincible. What’s even better is when my youngest decided he wanted to dive bomb the Omni with his Capri-Sun still in hand I was able to completely wipe the chair with a paper towel and the juice came right off.

After watching with anticipation as my kids kicked the snot out of the chair I decided it was my turn to try. Using the knowledge I had gained from the instructional video at I molded my chair into a gaming platform. Standing the bag straight up and straddling it as I landed my rear into it I noticed that this chair provides a very sturdy sitting position. I am able to have a resting area for my elbows as well as a headrest behind me. I then took the chair and laid it flat out on the ground. There was enough room for both of my children and my wife to bombard me and still fit on the chair and at no time did I feel like the amount of stress put on the chair was too much. I then spent about 4 straight hours gaming and quite honestly I think I like this better than my mini-lazy boy.

Sumo also offers an ottoman which I would highly suggest as well because you got to have somewhere to keep your feet while playing. This may very well be my next purchase.

I am extremely impressed by the versatility of the Sumo Omni chair, not only the chair but the price. At $149.00 (US) you get free shipping and it gets Fedex’d to you immediately. If you are in the market for some new digs for your man-cave (or woman-cave) I cannot recommend enough to you to check out this company and what it has to offer. With more than 12 different styles of chair or mattress Sumo definitely has something to offer you and with their vast color arrangement it’s hard not to be able to sell the idea to your inner home decorator.

My rating A+!

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