Honest Gamers

Dec 6, 2006

Ann Tancio


The Sumo lounge chair is quite comfortable. You’ll like sitting in it, or lying down on it if you have the space in front of the television and the situation calls for it. You’ll probably even like scrunching it up so it forms a cylindrical base for your posterior as it is utilized like a standard stool (only softer). You won’t like telling your friends when they ask that it’s “a chic chair.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to. The one we got was a dark blue color, magnificent and manly (for the curious, it is the “Midnight Blue Omni” version). Naturally, color didn’t affect how comfortable or convenient the chair was. Within moments I stopped thinking of the girl in the ads on the company’s web site and instead began thinking about how great it was making my gaming.

The Sumo lounge chair is in essence a beanbag mattress, but it’s a deluxe one, the sort that you can fold and shape just about however you like. That means it fits nicely in a variety of places and situations. It also works equally well in horizontal and vertical positions. Serious as I am about testing any product, I tried the chair while playing Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP games. It performed admirably every time.

How you play games and how I play them is bound to vary, so I won’t bore you with details except to say that I like to have someplace to rest my arms other than on my lap. Particularly with games on a system like the Wii, where more expanded range of motion is ideal, it’s nice to be able to flail about however I like but to have somewhere to rest my elbows when I’m done. Anything different contributes to arm strain.

When you sit down on the Sumo lounge chair, there’s enough give that it fluffs up around you while also giving you a soft but not wimpy resting place. When I played games like Trauma Center: Second Opinion on the Wii, I found that I was easily able to do everything I needed, then rest as I zipped through dialogue. It was nice.

The PSP also seems ideal for someone seated in a Sumo lounge. It rests your arms perfectly the whole time you play, and you can position it like an oversized pillow or a mattress or whatever else you happen to need. For a gamer, it’s hard to say that there’s a more versatile bit of furniture, and that’s true for anyone else who is just looking to diversify a gaming room. Don’t tell anyone, but I was so comfortable while watching some Danger Mouse DVDs that I fell asleep during the last episode and woke up to the menu selection screen.

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