Sep 25, 2008

Ann Tancio


Best of both worlds? We review the Sumo Omni Plus

Furniture sucks. It hit me the other day. Hard to clean, expensive, hard to move, and neverchanging. For example, let’s look at the Big Red Couch at ICHQ. It’s been around forever. I believe I paid something like $800 for it when we bought this house in 2004. After all the ICHQ flophouse parties, (like the IC LAN, Oktoberfest, St Patty’s day… you get the idea) and all the couch-crashers, it fell apart. The arms are worn through, the padding on the arms is gone, it has dog hair all over it, it’s just generally sort of beat up. Repairing it would be really expensive.

So here’s what Keebs and I did: We just chucked it into the basement. Gone. Bye bye. We made a fundamental shift in the Normal Living Room Paradigm. We decided to go “alternative lifestyle” with our media room.

We put Sumo bags in there. Filled it. Wall to wall. Sumo Omnis and a big brown Sumo Sac. It is AWESOME. Neighborhood kids come over and my kids are the toast of the town because they are the kids with the “ultimate game room” – several small children can fit on a single Sumo Sac.

While the Omnis are versatile and highly configurable – they can be bent into ottoman-style footrests or chairs or zafu-style cushions, the Sac is the “big daddy” – the big puffy monstrosity that you can sink into and get lost in.

Our room is too small for two Sacs (even the smallest ones), and the only downside of the Omni is that it doesn’t breathe well, and it tends to “deflate” a little after a while – so sitting in it for a “movie length” leads to a lot of shifting and re-puffing. Since the bag is so noisy, this can be annoying.

Wasn’t there anything in between these two? A bag with the size, support, and configurability of the Omni, and the awesome filling and microfiber covering of the Sac?

Sumo heard the call. Behold the Omni PLUS


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