Idols Unlimited

Aug 23, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Review The Sumo Omni is a bean bag. But unlike any other bean bags, the Sumo’s Omni is the Lamborghini of bean bags compare to your average bean bags that you can buy at wal-mart, target, etc. The Sumo’s Omni has the size of 45, which looks like a giant pillow. According to the site, the Sumo’s Omni is lightweight, comes with 8 colors, 10 different ways/position to use it, water proof, stain resistant, easy to clean, and it is super comfortable. The arrival of the Sumo’s Omni (I’ll call it a Chair from now on) changes the way how I feel about bean bags. When I think about bean bags, all I could think of are those that are round shape like bags that supports your ass while leaving your back to gravity. I love the way how the Chair feels when I sit on it. I’ve used it for many many many many purposes. Gaming, watching tv, lounging with my girlfriend, eating, napping-sleeping, and a lot more. But more than an adult user, I really love and appreciate how the chair is so very safe for a child to play. If you have a child/nephew/niece who is two, you know what a monster he or she can be. I have a nephew who is two, and he would come over every weekend to visit as well as to destroy anything and everything he could possibly put his hands on. He would drag the Chair from end to another. Climb and Jump from one higher elevation down to it, and another. Spill food, milk, juice, and all the things these little devils could do to it.. Overall, the Sumo’s Omni is not just another bean bag. It’s the greatest of its kind, first of its class!! I love it, and my two years old nephew loves it even more than me. Everyone deserves the best and the Sumo Omni is the best!

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