Jul 10, 2008

Ann Tancio


iGames Sumo Omni Review

The Sumo Omni is the beanbag chair of the future. A 4.5’x 5.5′ pillow covered with PVC coated nylon and weighing in at a lightweight 18 pounds, it appears to be made of high quality materials inside and out. Supposedly easy to clean and shape to your needs, Sumo claims over 10 different positions can be obtained with the Omni. But enough overview, on to the review!

The Omni arrived at our offices in a long white box with “Sumo” logos adorning the sides. After popping the top and giving a few enthusiastic shakes, the Omni plopped onto the floor covered by a large plastic bag. Removing the bag yielded what appeared to be a large nylon pillow – sweet? Since no instructions were included, a quick jump to provided some initial ideas for sitting comfort.

“The Throne”



Mel Brooks had it right; it’s good to be the King. While the model in the picture above has the Omni in the correct initial starting position, I personally preferred to sit deeper in the chair, using the sides as comfortable armrests and headrest. For long gaming sessions, this position rocks! It kept my arms in the perfect position for holding onto a controller while supporting my spine and head AND preventing my pantaloons from riding up into my nether regions (office chairs suck for gaming for precisely this reason, not to mention that they don’t recline). The nylon material the Omni is covered with provides enough stiffness to maintain any shape you want, while still providing a supple landing area for the entire body. I’m befuddled as to how Sumo figured out the right combination of nylon and filler to accomplish this amazing feat, so the Omni is currently being examined by “top men” so I can have an answer.


Not all sunshine and smiles in Omni-Town.

A caveat to the nylon ber-bag is that it can get a bit toasty due to the fact that it molds completely to the shape of your body, making shifting around a bit of a chore. The seam of the bag can also present a bit of discomfort as well, but I honestly didn’t even notice it after my first 10 minutes of sitting in the chair. Also, if you haven’t used the muscles in your abs or legs for awhile, you will probably find it easier to roll out of the Omni as opposed to standing up. Small gripes, I know, but I felt they needed to be aired out for the sake of completeness.

Who is the Omni for?

Everyone! Seriously, this bag makes as good of a chair as any high-priced couch and doesn’t give your wallet a beatdown like said aforementioned leather-covered seating. The non-stainable material makes it perfect for a game center where energy drinks can and do get spilled during spirited gaming sessions. $129 might buy you 129 double cheeseburgers (in states with no sales tax, that is), but trust me, 129 double cheeseburgers make an absolutely terrible chair.

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