Improve Your Home’s Interior: 4 Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Aug 17, 2018

Brad Ellis

The interior design industry generates approximately $10 billion annually and furniture is one of the most important aspects of home design. If you want to improve the look and feel of your home, you should start by taking a look at all your furniture. If your furniture is plain and boring, you’re going to end up feeling like something is missing.

A great way to both save space and spice up your home’s appearance is to not only improve your furniture but change the way you think about your home’s furniture. Here are some great space-saving furniture ideas and tips to consider:


    • Expandable kitchen table — A new kitchen table trend is great for saving space and looks cool. If you’re living in a small area and want to have some more space for having friends and family members over, an expandable kitchen table is a great option.


    • Large bean bag chairs — Giant bean bag chairs are great for replacing unused chairs that are simply taking up space. These large bean bag chairscan be comfortable for not just one person, but two or even three people at the same time. Additionally, these pieces of furniture are just as nice-looking as they are practical — get some nice bean bag chairs today.


    • Stacking your kitchen chairs — If you are already investing in a space-saving kitchen table, you can save so much more space by stacking all your chairs. Whether you have modern or old chairs, stacking them is an affordable way to save space and improve your home’s interior.


    • Lift storage bed — You probably already have plenty of items stored safely underneath your bed, but completely lifting it and keeping it out of the way during the day can give you a significant amount more space inside your home. Lifted beds can provide ample and easy-to-access storage space where your mattress would go at night.


If you are ready to improve your living room and the rest of your home with great furniture, especially if you’re hoping to find some high-quality large bean bag chairs, contact Sumo Lounge today!

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