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Nov 15, 2010

Ann Tancio

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Most gamers use some traditional type of furniture (e.g. lounge chair) for their gaming sessions and after a long session of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West on the PlayStation 3, I thought to myself… there has to be something better. Sure, my couch is comfortable but there was something missing and thus my research began on Google. This is where I stumbled upon the Omni from SUMO, a super sized beanbag and instantly when my brain made the connection that this may make my gaming sessions more enjoyable, additional dopamine would be the key.


A week later, I was going to put this theory to the test and a giant red Omni arrived from SUMO, already filled with high quality Virgin Polystyrene Foam beads which are apparently far superior than those in the stores. This is another highlight of the Omni because if you’re like me, putting beans into a beanbag is a very challenging exercise and then you have the scary Urban myth of swallowing one of them and being rushed to hospital. Not so, the installation was already complete and all you needed to do was figure out a place where you wanted to put this item.


My first reaction to the Omni was BIG, this was not your standard beanbag available at your local retailer, this was a monster beanbag. The Omni measures at 167cm x 136cm or in the old Imperial measurements, 5’5 x 4’5 feet. It is also quite heavy, around 8 kilograms but that’s great for support.

As opposed to traditional beanbag material, the Omni is made from ballistic nylon which is an extremely durable nylon that is not only comfortable but allows for easy cleaning. And ballistic does not mean bullet proof (or is it?) and the seems on the Omni are quite professionally sewn together that also do not hamper comfort. SUMO also boast that the material is rip proof due to it’s “space age” material which I’m beginning to believe is quite accurate. This was definitely not your stock standard K-mart beanbag!

Then I decided to try the Omni and my theory was correct, this was a very comfortable product which would definitely enhance my gaming experience. Of course comfort does come with a cost and after watching Blu-ray movies and TiVo, falling asleep is quite easy to do because of how comfortable the Omni is. After falling asleep on the Omni several times, I did manage to get some good old fashioned gaming clocked up in this product. It was very very comfortable and my lounge suite did start to become neglected. I actually look forward to playing games (not just because of the games) because I’ll get another chance to sit or lounge on the Omni which is a great thing.


As shown by the several images in this review, the Omni can be used in a variety of ways and can be folded, squashed or laid out for maximum comfort. The biggest issue with the Omni is that because it’s so comfortable, you really don’t want to get up and like my proposed geeky theory, that’s because your brain is producing dopamine for your personal pleasure! Although summer is not quite upon us but even with the heater on, the material did breath and no time did I become too hot on the Omni. In terms of price, it retails for $179.95AUD (November 2010) which includes free shipping throughout Australia.


So what’s next? Not much I’m guessing because this is as comfortable as they come. It’s extremely comfortable, can be made into a variety of shapes (e.g. chair, lounge or bed), is made from a very durable material that can easily be cleaned and best of all, comes prepacked with beans. It looks great and would suit any room in the house which comes in a variety of funky colours such as orange or hot pink. So… you have your state of the art TV hooked up to a swanky entertainment centre and the only thing missing now is the Sumo, the cherry on your entertainment enjoyment. Go and buy one of these now!


Features • 10 fashionable colours that include – Pitch Black, Charcoal Green, Platinum, Midnight Blue, Fiery Red, Neon Orange, Hot Pink, Pure White, Lime Green & Funky Brown
• 10 different positions (discovered so far – some say we lack imagination)
• Measures big – 4.5’ X 5.5, but weighs little – just 18lbs
• Space age rip-proof nylon, stays new looking – easy to clean
• Filled with top quality sumo beads
• Free Delivery

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