Interior Decorating? 3 Fun and Creative Ideas to Try

Mar 7, 2018

Ann Tancio


As a homeowner, you should never stop decorating, changing, and improving your home. From painting the walls a new color to completely redecorating each room in your home, changing things up can be a lot of fun. After all, the interior design industry doesn’t generate an annual revenue of $10 billion because homeowners don’t enjoy making property improvements. 

So what can you do, and where should you start? Here are some fun ideas that will hopefully get your interior design juices flowing and will help you greatly improve the look and feel of your home: 



    • Huge bean bag chairs — Of the newest and most fun trends hitting the interior design industry is the use of huge bean bag chairs. These giant bean bags are not only trendy but they are fun and convenient for the whole family. You can get comfy and relax while reading a good book on one giant bean bag while you’re kids jump around and go crazy on another.


    • Creative paint job — Applying a new coat of the same color paint is fine, but doesn’t that seem kind of boring? Rather than choosing a different shade of white for your walls, consider taking a step towards the bold, brave, and creative. Pick out multiple paint colors, ranging from eccentric to downright wacky, and go to town. The great thing about painting: if you hate the final result, you can always go back!


    • Take the books off the shelves — You have to be careful with this one because it can easily look like you’re just making a mess, but taking down some of the books you have on your bookshelves and placing them in other areas of your home can actually be a great and creative way to improve your home’s look. Using your books as decorative pieces on windowsills, coffee tables, countertops, and anywhere else you want will look new and exciting. Additionally, it will free up some space on your actual bookshelves for other decorative pieces like pictures or small plants.


It’s time to change your home for the better — from new furniture to a wacky new paint scheme, get to work on your interior design projects right away. If you want to find some high quality huge bean bag chairs for the whole family, contact Sumo Lounge today!

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