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Feb 5, 2013

Ann Tancio

Looking for an ultra-comfortable way to surf the web or watch streaming video with your iPad? The Sumo Sultan Corduroy Bean Bag Chair may be the perfect compliment to your living room or bedroom. Read on for a closer look at this comfortable tablet furniture.

The Sumo Sultan is not your parent’s oddball vinyl beanbag chair from the 1960s and ’70s. Rather, it is an ergonomically appealing and spectacularly soft cocoon of comfort. Sumo Lounge ships their beanbags in highly compressed states to keep the shipping boxes reasonably sized. It’s amazing to see how it transforms from a packed rectangle to a fluffy ball, like a slowly inflatable raft. When fully expanded, it measures roughly 54 x 54 x 42 inches.
Sumo Sultan
Once it reaches its full potential, the Sumo will literally take up a decent portion of your room. For example, I initially placed the Sultan in a corner of our family room, but it quickly became the room’s focal point once its size crowded out the sofa and table that shared room space. Make no mistake – the Sumo Sultan is a *big* bean bag chair.
Sumo Sultan
As a result of its size and super soft padding, the Sumo Sultan shapes to your body rather than the other way around. Once seated, it comfortably surrounds you on all sides, forming a nest around your body. It was also a relaxing fit for everyone who tried it. In fact, on several separate occasions, both my wife and kids fell asleep in the chair while surfing the web or watching videos on their iPads. By throwing a mattress sheet cover over the corduroy bag, it has been renamed in our house as “the nest” due to its comfort and circular conformity around the person sitting in the chair.
Sumo Sultan
Besides corduroy, the Sumo Sultan is also available in microsuede and ultimate fur in several colors such as red and black. The Sumo Sultan is perfectly sized for one person, and a bit tight for two people. While we have been able to seat two people on the chair, it does get a bit crowded since you tend to fall into the center over time.  But the chair wasn’t really designed for more than one person at a time.  So if you live with someone, you might want to consider buying two so that you’re not fighting over who gets to use it! Or you could opt for Sumo’s largest size bean bag chair, the Sumo Gigantor. Just be sure to have a room large enough to accommodate it!
Sumo Sultan
Since its arrival, the Sumo Sultan has become one of the most actively used pieces of furniture in our home. It makes the perfect compliment for lounging for hours with an iPad, listening to music, watching movies and tapping out emails. If you want to experience comfort on a large scale, the Sumo Sultan Corduroy bean bag chair will change the way your room looks and the way you relax with your iPad.
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge
Price: $279
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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