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Jun 21, 2010

Ann Tancio

Sumo Sway Beanbag Chair review

When SumoLounge approached us to write a review of the Sumo Sway Beanbag Chair, I was a bit confused. What does this product have to do with iDevices? Then I saw an iPad commercial and realized that a bean bag chair would be a great way to enjoy the benefits of an iPad.

ipod-Touch-Fans-10-1 ipod-Touch-Fans-10-2

At $279 (including shipping), the Sway Couple unit we received for testing is not exactly cheap. That said, beanbag chairs of this size are hard to find for a better price, especially when you factor in shipping. After a week of testing, I found that the chair returns to its initial shape even after sitting on it for hours, and that it has better back support than a typical beanbag chair due to its shape, but it is still not as comfortable as a nice leather couch. Then again, a nice leather couch will set you back several thousand dollars.

ipod-Touch-Fans-10-3 ipod-Touch-Fans-10-4

I forgot to mention, perhaps my favorite detail of this product is the the pocket. Its the perfect size to stick an iPad in, although I imagine it is designed for TV remotes. At the end of the day, at nearly three Franklins, this is a bit expensive to buy merely as an iPad accessory, but if you need a new piece of furniture, it’s certainly a quality piece for the price point.

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