Irish Wolfhounds & the Omni

Apr 19, 2010

Ann Tancio

Hey Sumo Team

We have had an Omni for a week, I was sold on it after seeing the sea of them at PAX East. We own two 2 year old Irish Wolfhound brothers that weigh 130 lbs each and needed something the family could share.

At first they were a bit weirded out by the sound of it, but after a little coaxing they are now competing to see who can lay on it longest without needing water or stretching so the other one can’t supplant him… 4 hours is the record so far.

They love it, even their sidewalk sharpened nails have had no effect on the tough shell. They have found many ways to look all too comfortable for hours on it, add in the 7 awesome arrangements we have found for it for ourselves for TV time. Also the 6 hour gamer sessions with final fantasy xiii that were unimaginable just last week in my old chair.

We are new fans! now just make a shell that has the flaps internal so there is nothing for our big puppies to get their jaws around. 😉

We can’t wait to get another one!

Thanks for making such a great product!

Rose Ryan Merlin and Tristan

Irish-Wolfhounds-10-1 Irish-Wolfhounds-10-2

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