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Sep 21, 2006

Ann Tancio


My Sumo Urban Lounge Chair

Mine is black, but it comes in seven other colors. It looks just like a big square pillow. It’s 4.5 feet x 5.5 feet, and weighs 18 pounds. I don’t know what’s inside (I’m pretty sure it’s not real beans), but this thing is very malleable and can be arranged into a variety of configurations — all of them very comfortable once you scootch yourself in. The fabric is nylon, I think. It looks like it would clean up easily if someone spilled a beer or something on it.

It’s great for playing guitar, banjo, or even banjo-uke. It’s especially good when you form it into a chair.

And it’s very easy to get comfortable while reading a book. Even reading the dullest Excel book is fun.

I don’t think I could sleep on it for a full night, but it works fine for an afternoon nap. A small kid, on the other hand, would probably love to use it for a permanent bed.

I just read the FAQ, and I was right. It’s not filled with real beans. It’s filled with Virgin Polystyrene Foam (AKI, little white foam balls). It’s not Durafoam. Why?
Durafoam sucks! It is not high quality and is even cheaper then polystyrene. With Durafoam you can only make one big blob that never changes. We use polystyrene as this allows our furniture to be transformed into many different shapes & positions. Example. (chair, lounge, bed, couch, etc).

It’s a great product.

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