Aug 14, 2008

Ann Tancio



Ok, so we don’t have sleep pods just yet, but we are moving up in the world. The JACTPlex just got our very own Sumo Omni bean bag chair. Reference Sumo Omni in red below:


Someone needs to share the bean bag with others too!! (ahem)

So, I can confirm that it does indeed make a nice pillow / bed / therapy couch / gaming chair / office chair / punching bag. It’s gigantic… big enough for two people, or three if one of those people is a dwarf… and very sturdy. One of us (I won’t name any names) has completely abandoned his rolly-chair in favor of using our Sumo as his new office chair.

Anyway, if you spend lots of time sitting on your bum like we do, then you’ll appreciate the Sumo Omni. It sits up really well (against a wall or in the middle of the room), and you can get it in multiple colors to match your custom case mod. So, we’re giving the Sumo Omni our ten thumbs up.

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