Sep 21, 2006

Ann Tancio



When I ordered the bag I was sat in a large, minimalist “loft conversion” in New York so the Tangerine colour I selected seemed like a great choice. Back here in my country cottage in the Cotswolds it certainly does stand out but never mind, it does look very cool despite me wondering if I shouldn’t have ordered something a little more muted.

I spent a few days just looking at it, admiring the designer tag attached to the side sporting the Sumo logo. It is made of a material that you can easily wipe clean, “space age, rip proof nylon” and I did wonder if sitting on it was gonna cause me to sweat after a while but this was not the case, it is surprisingly comfortable too.

There was a moment I was considering chucking out the sofas and buying a load of these to replace them but what with grandparents and the likes, it’s probably not going to be. Definitely, though, if they had been around when I was a bit younger, still enjoying life in studio apartments, these would have featured, heavily.

Mine is destined for the playroom, along with the TV, Video and DVD players. It will easily fit three kids on, comfortably, and tangerine actually works amongst all that kid stuff!

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