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Dec 11, 2008

Ann Tancio


They Have Taken My Sumo

I have never really liked bean bags. I find I end up sitting about two inches above the floor and need a crane to get to my feet. The beanbag principle I think is great and they are comfy. Now along comes the perfect answer. The Sumo. The Sumo Omni measure around 4.5 feet by 5.5 feet and is huge and very comfortable – in fact, too comfortable. Look at this!



Now tell me, how many bean bags do you know that can comfortably sit four youngsters – but it’s MY Sumo Omni! I must say they do look comfortable and it does keep them quiet for a little while.

The Sumo range of bean bags are relatively new here in Australia. I know they have been around in the states for a quite a while. In a way they are perfect for kids. They are not made from flimsy fabric, they are made from a tough canvas like material that is surprisingly comfortable and not all at sticky (summer is almost here).

It is certainly hard wearing and looks to be pretty kid proof. The seal for the beans is certainly strong enough to make it difficult for little fingers.

There are more uses than just letting the kids use it to watch TV.

The Sumo Omni is a great place to simply relax. As you can see it can be quite a family affair. I don’t have the space here but I have another photo that shows all four of my kids sitting with me as I read to them (and no I am not asleep).

My better half has found the Sumo Omni to be pretty comfortable for breast feeding the youngest addition to the family. As she says, it’s practical, its comfortable and it can be shaped to suit whichever feeding style she wants.

The final word has to go to the baby of the house – she has claimed it as hers despite my protests. I think I need to another two or three somehow. If I do, I am getting the Giganator – sounds like a dinosaur doesn’t it – it is huge and measures 86 x 60 x 40. Just right for me.

In short, these Sumo bean bags – and there is a wide range of them, are great. They are durable, kid proof, can take my weight (100kg) easily and yet they are easy to store. Check them out for yourself. In the meantime, I want my Sumo back!

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