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Oct 10, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Review

As I write this, I am sitting in the Sumo Omni beanbag chair. If that isn’t a testament to the fact that I love this chair, I don’t know what would be.

You may be asking at this point what the heck a ‘Sumo Omni beanbag chair’ is? Well, it’s a well-made, relatively inexpensive, easily positionable sitting device that comes in eight fashionable colors.


Right now, I’m using the chair as a basic chair with a back. This is a very comfortable position for sitting at a small table typing. If I lay it on it’s flattest point and push it down all the way, it can be a really comfortable pillow bed. It’s made of a superstrong material. I let my 4-year-old at it and he would have (and has) done damage to cheaper made beanbag chairs, but there’s not even a scratch on it. He tested it well too, jumping on it from heights and distances to give any mother a heart attack. My husband also tested it (and he’s a big, strapping man), so it can handle small, damaging weights and larger, not quite as brutal to it, weights.

The version I was sent is a black omni chair. If I had one request for something I’d like changed, it would simply be that I would rather have a hot pink one. Which they make! If you aren’t interested in something quite so bold, it is likely they have a color to match your decor, from a dark blue to a bright orange. They even have white, and since it doesn’t stain and is easy to clean-up, thanks to the nylon material it is made out of it, that’s even an option if you are a slob. The nylon material is also comfortable to sit on, never getting too hot or too cold to your skin.


I would DEFINITELY recommend this chair to anyone in the market for any kind of beanbag chair. I would even recommend it as a substitute for your standard living room furniture. Buy 3-4 of these, be kitchy, and let your friends get a kick out of trying out all the different positions you can sit in! A+

Rating: ***** (of 5)

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