Killer Viral

Nov 20, 2007

Ann Tancio


The Sumo Sac

Last year we got to try a Sumo Omni, the legendary bean-bag so beloved of gamers. In fact we liked it so much that we now have one in our office arcade-den.

Now, however, there is a sequel – the Sumo Sac. An upgraded version of the incredible Omni, the Sumo Sac is even bigger – a whopping three feet high and six feet wide.

Whereas the Omni is filled with “Virgin Polystyrene Foam” (little white foam balls) the Sac is pumped full of shredded furniture grade urethan. Those little foam balls can compress over time (Sumo handily supply cheap refills) so the mighty Sumo Sac’s filling is 100% 1.8 density – that means it’s never going to lose shape and still offers incredibly soft support.

With a skin-soft microsuede cover the Sumo Sac is the next level in lounging comfort. Find out more at the Sumo Lounge website.


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