Kim Hamer

Apr 29, 2008

Ann Tancio

Dear Sumo Urban Lounge People,

My name is Kim Hamer. Recently we replaced one of our coaches with three of your bags. What a great choice it was! I came upon your product on the Next Wired House Tour in LA . Wanted to share with you our uses for the bags. First, why I love your bags.

Late Night Wake Ups in 52 words.

A child with asthma. Night wake ups — need drugs. Hook up machine but must sit up straight. Mom and Dad’s back always hurt! Sumo arrives, 10 days later, asthma attack. Tired mother drags bag into room, molds it perfectly and child AND mother fall asleep. NO back pain! Thank you Sumo!

The Nursing Bag in 32 words

Friend with infant arrives. Oops, forgot the nursing pillow. Try the Sumo bag I say. We push and mold it to perfect shape. She nurses. Goes home, orders bag. Thank You Sumo!

Late Night Frights in 41 words

Three kids, occasional nightmares. No way are they getting in our bed…too big, too kicky. Drag two Sumo bags into kid’s room toss blanket over self. Kid falls back asleep and MOM sleeps.comfortably! Thank Your Sumo!

Outdoor Furniture

Friend over for dinner. Sumo sitting in the grass being used as chairs. Makes us look hip! Thank You Sumo!

Just wanted you to know. We really do love your bags!

Kim Hamer

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