Sep 19, 2013

Ann Tancio

My New Favorite Thing: The “Sumo Chair” The Ultimate in “Urban Lounge Gear”

For all of you out there that work at home, play guitar or spend hours gaming or setting in front of a mirrorladies, I have a product that you have to have. The Sumo Chair!

I play a lot PS3 and I am constantly on my laptop. I hated to spend all day in a desk chair and then go home and climb in another one.

I was flipping through a Rolling Stone mag when I saw a link to the Sumo chair’s website and after ten minutes of reading I ordered one.

I have had it a week and I can not get enough of it. Think beanbag, but beanbag 2.0. This thing is outrageously comfy, really sturdy and well made. It is my new piece of heaven.

They have so many different styles and sizes along with different fabrics and microfibers. It is the ultimate in “Urban Lounge Gear.”

Check Out the Sumo Bag Now!


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