Dec 8, 2007

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge Omni – a huge pillow for the living room

The Omni measures 4.5 feet x 5.5 feet and is made out of rip proof nylon and filled with top quality Sumo beads (virgin polystyrene foam). Simply use this bag as a crash mat, a lounge chair, a loveseat, or a floor pillow.

Yes, it’s pretty much a super large bean bag.. and if you know me, you’ll know that I absolutely love bean bags. You can simply plop one down anywhere you want and have an instant cushion for you body.

What’s particularly cool about the Omni is the size of this beast. It’s practically a body sized pillow folks and you can warp it into different shapes depending on your needs of the moment. Here’s the verdict from XYZ Computing:

It’s no La-Z-Boy but the Omni is more comfortable than I would have thought and for under $150 dollars (with free shipping) it’s hard to make too many complaints.

You can purchase the Sumo Lounge Omni on the Sumo website. The bag is available for $129 in ten colors.

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