Least I Could Do Giant Bean Bag Chair Sultan Review

Oct 20, 2008

Ann Tancio



The good folks at Sumo Lounge have always been kind to us, and our office is currently filled with their products.

Though I was happy with the Sumo Omni bean bag chair, I did have a few complaints and suggestions. The biggest of those was the covering. No one wants to curl up in a big chair that’s covered in a thick plastic wrap.

With their release of the Sumo Sac, they’ve fixed that issue and then some. The thing is massive, for one, even more so than the Omni. For another, it’s covered in a ridiculously comfortable suede covering.

There hasn’t been a day yet when I haven’t caught a BFE staff member grabbing a power nap on that thing. Consider this Sohmer Test, BFE approved.

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