Nov 20, 2010

Ann Tancio

Ergonomic Alternative

I find it very difficult nowadays to find a comfortable posture to sit in when I’m studying, watching t.v., and especially at school during class. We’ve been introduced to all sorts of sit discs and wedges that can promote lumbar lordosis but for some reason they’ve never worked for me. I just can’t consistently find a piece of furniture that can help me maintain my posture over an extended period of time. This was until I went to Canada also known as the Lussier and Doerkson aka Daerkson aka Deekson residence in Alameda. On one of my excursions to Alameda for a good time I had a chance to sit in this chair that my fellow classmate Bryon Doerkson had been raving about. I had read his article on these bean bag chairs in a past issue of LifeLines titled “Not Your Ordinary Chair”, but I was not able to really appreciate what he was writing about until I had the chance to sit in this hyped up bean bag chair. Bean bag chair? Yes, bean bag chair, but this is not the same chair that you may be thinking about in your psychedelic minds. When you sit back in this chair properly it provides unrelenting form that helps keep you in an ergonomically sound seating position. I was able to sit in that chair for hours at a time without tossing and turning in search of comfort, much to the dismay of the Canadian owners.

The brand of chair is produced by a company called Sumo Lounge. The particular type I was sitting on was the Sumo Omni which is primarily a one person seater in which you could form a headrest if sat in properly. This is the only type of chair made by Sumo that I have had the opportunity to experience and enjoy. As you can imagine there is a slew of different designs that range from microsuede and corduroy to two person seating lounge chairs, ottomans, single person lounge chairs, along with memory foam beds, etc. In an addition to these chairs being uber comfortable they are surprisingly durable. If any of you have as much experience with cheap bean bag chairs, you know they’re only good for a short amount of time, a few months if you’re lucky. Along with the great quality of Sumo bags, they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I look forward to not only personally being able to experience theses different types of chairs, but to bring that opportunity to the student lounge and expose the rest of the student body at LCCW to these chairs. If you are interested in the comfort these products can potentially bring you, check out the website at

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