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Oct 9, 2006

Ann Tancio


Reviewing the Omni Chair

The massive Omni lounger by Sumo might just be the most comfortable chair on the planet. In fact, calling it just a chair is almost unreasonable. The Omni has well over 10 different ways to use it. From the first minute you lay back and fall into this giant pillow you will fall in love with its comfort. Its comfort is matched only by its trendy style and uncompromised durability.

The Omni is made of rip proof nylon that is stain and water resistant. It is hard to imagine a material so strong yet so comfortable, but the Omni is very soft. The durable nylon sack is filled with thousands of small beads. These beads are not the same as the ones in your ratty old bean bag. These beads are high tech, made of “Virgin Polystyrene Foam”. Once you hit the Omni these small beads surround every curve of your body providing a comfort unmatched by traditional standards.

Not only is the Omni comfortable, its fun to lounge in. There is an endless amount of ways to lounge around in the Omni. Imagine coming home from a long day of work or class, dropping your things and falling into a giant pillow. The Omni is also a huge hit when entertaining. Prop it up against a wall and your giant pillow has just converted into a sofa for two. Use your imagination and the Omni can have a lot more “interesting” situational uses.

The bottom line is that the Omni is addicting. Spend the day lounging in the Omni and a regular chair or couch just won’t cut it anymore. The Omni is a must in living rooms, bed rooms, dorm rooms, and pretty much anywhere you want to just chill out.

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