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Apr 17, 2009

Ann Tancio


Sumo to the rescue

If you’re like me, you moved into a place that was already furnished by a couple of flatmates who clearly preferred quantity over quality. Most likely, you ended up with one of three of the cheapest IKEA guess is the blue one that folds out into a really crappy foam bed that your friend said was comfortable but you realized wasn’t when you woke up with pigeon-neck.

As some of you know, Madsen just turned (dirty) thirty. Unbeknownst to him, I flew to Sweden to help celebrate. Now, Madsen doesn’t have one of those crappy IKEA fold out sofas. Actually, the last time I stayed at his house I was wishing he had. In it’s place, he had this futon couch that sat up against his radiator at an acute angle that caused you to roll in your sleep. No matter how hard I tried to get away from that radiator I just ended up snuggling with it, sweating until I woke (no mercy, Madsen!!). So, in summary, I was actually really scared to go back to Madsen’s for a slumber party.

To my surprise, Madsen had redecorated (that’s what you do when you’re 30) and ditched the futon all together. At first, I was pretty excited as I figured I would be able to just crash on the couch. As the night progressed on and the guest list grew, I started realizing the chance that the couch hadn’t been called was about as good as the chance of me not having a hangover the following day. My excitement turned back into fear.

All of the sudden I spotted a Sumo Lounge bean bag chair sitting in the corner of the room, calling my name. I took a seat, gave it a couple squeezes to make sure it was sleep worthy, then called dibs. The Sumo molded to my body, which, at first, kinda scared me a little. I was reassured the next morning that all was well when i was in the exact position in which i fell asleep, well rested, no pigeon neck. I slept like a baby that night and Im positive it was the Sumo Lounge and had nothing to do with the 8, terrible margaritas, Christian made and forced me to drink that night.

When I left Malm, I wanted to take the Sumo with me, but while the Sumo can do many things, it cannot fit in an overhead bin.

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little gamers

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