Looking for Gamer Bean Bag Chairs? Ask!

Mar 29, 2018

Ann Tancio


Hey Sumo Lovers!

Have you ever gone searching for the best gamer bean bag chairs?

We want to thank Luigi Lugmayr from for his recent review on our Sumo Gamer!  He brings up a very valid question, is the Sumo Gamer good for gaming?

We won’t spoil his opinion for you here, but if you want to find out, you can check out his review HERE!

Luigi really has gone above and beyond when reviewing our chair by not only providing his opinion of our chair, but by also showing his readers and our customers how to set it up step-by-step! He provides the specs of the chair our customers need, the price of the chair, where to buy one and even his first impression!

We really hope the chair treats him well for years to come!

We can really see why the Gamer is one of our most popular chairs!  Not just based on the kind words in Luigi’s review, but also because of the amazing feedback we receive from all of our customers and other content creators!  It is the best bean bag chair for any occasion, not just for gaming!

The Gamer is so popular in fact that it is one of the only chairs that we are able to ship almost anywhere in the world instead of just certain countries!

For our US customers, you can find it HERE!

For our Canadian customers, you can find it HERE!

For our UK customers, you can find it HERE!

If you are not in any of the above countries not to worry!  You can still get the Gamer by contacting us at 1866 340 7866!  Our customer service team can determine how much it would be to send to your area!

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