Los Angeles Idea Project

Jun 22, 2008

Ann Tancio


The Los Angeles Idea Project (LA-IP) is a one-day event on June 22, 2008 that celebrates the power of the imagination and the capacity of the human spirit.

LA-IP is designed to inspire, provoke and delight participants by bringing together a community of dynamic attendees who celebrate the human imagination, share ideas and reflections and then. act on them to impact the world.

At this one-day event in Los Angeles, attendees gather to listen to 15 minute talks on a range of topics by speakers who have impacted the world, as well as to watch short films and the famous TEDTalks. Most importantly, they will share ideas and experiences amongst each other.

LA-IP is grateful that Sumo Lounge shares this mission and supports LA-IP by providing extraordinary and artful bean bag chairs. Sumo Lounge has, through their own invention, changed the way the world sees bean bag chairs!

“Being at LA-IP gives us all an opportunity to be exposed to a wealth of ideas that otherwise may not be available to us.”
Jonathan Greenblatt
Ethos Water

The LA Ideas Project was founded by Cooper Bates of Hint Mint and a small group of dedicated friends who are deeply influenced and inspired by the magic of TED, arguable the most engaging, stimulating and provocative conference in the world.

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