Louisville Mojo Omni Plus Review

Aug 23, 2008

Ann Tancio

lMojo08b_0 Strikes Back

You might have seen some of my posts over the years about, the scrappy, hip maker of modern bean bag chairs. We began our love affair with these guys a number of years ago when they gifted the Mojo H.Q. with some of their original designs, the Sumo Omni (think modern bean bag chair).

More recently, Sumo come out with their SumoSac line of products. It’s covered in my blog here, and it’s an entirely different animal. Offered in regular sizes all the way up to GINORMOUS, covered in micro-suede and built for comfort. The SumoSac though has one potential drawback, and that’s size. Their larger ones will cradle my 270lbs as easily as a mother cradles a baby, and that’s no easy feat. However, it’s not always practical in close quarters. Their smaller ones are more versatile where space is required but they lack the flexibility of the original, square Omni chairs. So, Sumo took the best features of the SumoSac and integrated them into the Sumo Omni PLUS, a new offering that is guaranteed to fit into any spot you can find for it and can be used as a massive pillow or a chair. They also added some handy straps so that you can turn it into a cocoon with back support.

The Omni was our first love from Sumo Lounge, but it was puppy love, young and a little rough around the edges. We’re older now and ready to trade in the tiny sports car for that luxury ride that cruises down the highway on biscuit wheels. The Sumo Sac and Sumo Omni Plus are it.

Thank you Sumo Lounge!


– Chuck


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