Louisville Mojo Sultan Bean Bag Review

May 24, 2008

Ann Tancio


SumoSac – Urban Lounge Gear

Our friends over at have come out with a new piece of urban lounge gear, the SumoSac. We made their acquaintance a few years ago when they were just releasing the Sumo Omni (think modern bean-bag chair) and indeed, the Omni’s have graced our office and homes ever since. In that same time, the SumoLounge group has also grown up to be a very big deal indeed and I see their goods being covered everywhere these days. (We were here first, you Johnny-come-latelys!)

Knowing how much we loved the Omnis (we wrote about them early on), they asked if we’d like to be early testers for their latest creation, the SumoSac. Yeah, it’s a no-brainer. Without further adieu, feast your eyes on this beauty…


What you see here is my 6-foot-1, 270lbs of high-tech, man-flesh comfortably cradled in the largest, most comfortable thing to grace our office since… well, since Mike B. moved his desk in. This is the 6ft sized SumoSac and it’s also offered in a smaller 5ft version. Yeah, it’s LARGE. Two folks can easily lounge in the 6ft SumoSac whereas the Omni is purely a solo affair. The SumoSac is also different than the Omni in that it is covered in soft micro suede, as opposed to heavy duty nylon. The stuffing is also very pliable, filled with high grade urethane foam, as opposed to the Omni’s foam beads. This thing is built for comfort, not speed, and it’s incredibly comfortable.


The biggest problem with these is that an upright position quickly becomes horizontal, and I won’t be getting much work done while I’m asleep.

If you do pick up a SumoSac for your digs, one word of advice… they come vacuum packed to your door, and you’ll need to spend a few minutes teasing the foam (through the liner, do not open the liner) to get it all separated. But then you need to wait it out for a couple of days until it reaches maximum loft. It’ll grown on you! You can check out here. Tell them the guys at Mojo sent you, and we still love ’em.

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